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The word Mahaprajna means “Great Wisdom”. In Buddhist learning, the accumulation of Merits and gaining of Wisdom should go hand in hand with understanding and practice. Hence, the adoption of the word Mahaprajna. Though Wisdom is emphasized as a guide in Cultivation, in actual fact Cultivation should embrace all wholesome deeds and methods.

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New Dharma Classes
July 2023

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English Dharma Talk
10 June 2023

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Vesak Day Puja
2 June 2023

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TMBS Dharma Class Japan Graduation Trip
15 – 25 Mar 2023

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Sunday Youth & Children Dharma Class
8 January 2023

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Cleaning & Information Counter Volunteers

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Be A Dharma Protector

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Caring Service by Caring Group 

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Every Sunday PUJA
Every Sunday 1.30 pm – 3.30 pm (Mandarin Commentary)

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Dharma Talk “The Lotus Sutra”

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《The Lotus Sutra》Dharma Talk (New Version)

“The Lotus Sutra” Talk View– Youtube

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The Buddhism learning journeys of our students are found in their graduation magazines. Remember to share them after reading!

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The Future of Buddhism

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Buddhism in the Human World

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My Spiritual Path

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