30th Anniversary Magazine (Call for Articles & Volunteer Recruitment)

30th Anniversary Magazine (Call for Articles & Volunteer Recruitment) 三十周年纪念特刊(征文,招募义工)- Pg 1 of 4

30th Anniversary Magazine (Call for Articles & Volunteer Recruitment) 三十周年纪念特刊(征文,招募义工)- Pg 2 of 4

使命的开始– 本项是指慧严佛学会以下的教育、慈善、文化、康乐及总务五个助理委员会在当初成立时的活动。您曾参与五组的活动吗?请您或数人组成写作小组,写出各自的活动以成为本会使命的一部分。

修学人间佛教 – 本项是指如何在生活中修学人间佛教,如何把人间佛法应用到生活中,如何在生活中体现人间佛法。

珍惜过去与展望未来 – 本项可供护法信众们写出在慧严佛学会学习佛法的感受,珍惜在学会里所学到的佛法。作为佛教徒,我们有责任弘法利生,这就有必要发扬“人间佛法”的精神。希望诸位居士写出个人的怀念、惜缘、感想或希望。

The Beginning of the Mission – This refers to the activities of the Education, Welfare, Culture, Recreation and General Affairs sub committees of TMBS during its formative years. Did you participated in any of the activities? Share with us the activities you were involved in during the beginning of the Mission.

Practising the Human-Realm Buddhism – This refers to how we assimilate and practice Human-Realm Buddhism in our daily lives.

Cherishing the past and looking into the future – This is for volunteers and devotees to share with us how they feel about learning the Buddha Dharma in TMBS, and how they cherish the Dharma that they have learnt in TMBS. As a Buddhist, we have the responsibility to spread the Dharma to benefit the sentient beings. Hence, there is a need to propagate the spirit of Human-Realm Buddhism. We hope you would share with us your memories, thoughts or hopes for the future.


Guidelines for Articles
1. The content of the article must be in accordance with the main theme.
2. Chinese articles should not exceed 2500 words and English articles should not exceed 2 pieces of A4-sized paper. (Chinese Font: songti, English Font: Arial, Font size: 12)
3. Submission of typewritten article is preferred.
4. The Editorial Committee reserves the right to verify, amend and use the article. Please notify us in advance if you do not wish to have any amendments made to your article.
5. The content of the article must not touch on politics, race, slander, allusion to other religions and other sensitive issues.

请您尽快把稿件电邮至 [email protected], 或向职员询问。
If you are interested and have any queries, please approach our staff or email to [email protected]