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招生通告 Enrollment Notice

为了给儿童及少年早种善根与认识正信佛法的机会, 本会每周日举办儿童及少年佛学班。担任本班的老师都是本会华文或英文佛学班的结业生挑选出来的, 所用的教本是本会精心编写的; 观念正确, 内容全面又有系统。欢迎所有适龄的小朋友报名; 但以已皈依的佛教徒的子女优先录取。现将有关招生的事项通告如下:

招生班级: 儿童佛学班及少年佛学班
报读年龄: 儿童佛学班, 五岁至十二岁;
少年佛学班, 十三岁至十六岁

报名日期: 即日起
截止日期: 2016年1月30日
上课时间:儿童佛学班, 下午2时到4时;
少年佛学班, 上午10时到12时

TMBS runs children and youth Sunday Dharma class weekly. It is to let them cultivate merits and get acquainted with true spirit of Buddha Dharma. The teachers are selected alumni graduates from both Chinese and English Dharma class. The teaching materials were carefully selected and compiled to ensure it is of the right view and comprehensive. We look forward in enrollment of children of suitable ages. Priority would be given to children of parents who have already taken The Three Refuge. Enrollment details as follows:

Enrollment class: Children and Youth Sunday Dharma Class
Age : Children Dharma Class, 5 to 12 years old
Youth Dharma Class, 13 to 16 years old

Enrollment Date: now till 30 Jan 2016
Commencement date: 3 Jan 2016
Time:  Children Dharma Class, 2pm to 4pm
Youth Dharma Class, 10am to 12pm.

您的孩子对英文和数学不感兴趣, 无法面对课业的要求吗?  本会义务老师发心为家境贫困(家庭收入少过$3000), 成绩不理想的中学生补习英文和数学。请在报名时附上成绩单影印本一份。
Voluntary Tuition
Is your child having problem with English or Math?  The Society has voluntary teachers who provide secondary school’s English and Math tuition for needy students (household income less than $3000) with unsatisfactory results.  Please submit a duplicate copy of the student’s result slip upon registration.Registration:  Now till 28 February 2016

二零一六年回校日 Alumni Day 2016

日期: 二零一六年一月一日
时间: 上午九时半至十二时
对象: 本会历届中英文与乐龄佛学班的结业生和家属。

地点: 本会六楼

Date: 1 Jan 2016
Time: 9.30am to 12pm
Participants:      All graduates of the Chinese/English/Senior Citizen Dharma Classes and their family members

Venue: The Mahaprajna Buddhist Society, Level 6
Cherish this opportunity to express our gratitude to the Society. Let’s reunite with fellow brothers and sisters and propagate the True Spirit of Buddha Dharma.

   康乐组Recreation 新春午会
The Golden Monkey ushers in spring and prosperity at TMBS
日期:  13/2/16 正月初六
时间:星期六(Saturday) —- (3-5pm)