Recreation encompasses the values of healthy living and entertainment. It acts to regulate our busy and hectic lifestyle. A healthy mind and body, which is the foundation for all kinds of work, can be achieved through exercise of the body and purification of the mind. In modern times, we should relax and enrich our lives by participating in healthy recreational activities amidst our hectic schedules.

Besides these objectives, recreational activities organized by Buddhist organizations should also facilitate interaction among Buddhists so as to promote and strengthen fellowship and in the process, nurture the values of unity and cooperation. It is in this type of harmonious environment that we work and strive for Buddhism together!

Most people have the misconception that recreational activities are not suitable for Buddhists. This is one of the reasons for the lack of talents in this area and the lack of Buddhism’s appeal to the youth. Recreational activities are necessary as Man has social needs. Besides, we can replenish our energy by participating in recreational activities! Recreational activities organized by Buddhist organizations should be Buddhistic in character, so that the activities will not become secularized.

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