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Culture Sub-Committee

Culture is a form of education. Mankind’s ascent to civilisation, which has been achieved through tremendous effort, is reflected in many fields – sciences, arts, religions, ethics, customs, etc. These fields collectively form culture.

Buddhism is one of the greatest inheritance of mankind’s culture. It includes not only the boundaries of religion, but also the arts, ethics, customs and habits, etc. Buddhism had enabled man to progress in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

Buddhist culture can be used to refer to Buddhism as a culture. Two points should be noted when organising Buddhist cultural activities. Firstly, whenever the Buddhist community engages in a cultural activity of the societal type, it should be related to the propagation of the Dharma. Secondly, Buddhist cultural activities should reflect the essence and salient characteristics of Buddhism.

The Society’s Culture Sub-Committee was formed based on the above requirements. Headed by a committee member and assisted by five sub-committee members, the Culture Sub-Committee is in charge of the following four divisions:

  1. Archives Group
  2. Art and Literature Group
  3. Media and Publicity Group
  4. Administration and Information Group

Buddhist culture is an important factor of civilisation and is also a way to cultivate Buddhists of refined character. It is of utmost importance that everyone participates actively in the work of the Culture Sub-Committee and thus, propagate Buddhist culture for the benefit of all sentient beings.

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