Dharma Classes

TMBS has implemented an all-rounded and systematic approach to Buddhist education. Our long term program, which incorporates various levels of English and Chinese Dharma Classes, explores a gradated system of the Buddhist teachings and includes a historical component in Indian as well as Chinese Buddhism. With an emphasis on right understanding and practice, the program aims to provide a comprehensive overview of Buddhism, the Dharma and its practice.

To accommodate the wide range of students, TMBS offers Dharma classes for children, adults as well as senior citizens. The various levels of the Sunday Children’s Dharma Classes (K1- P6) focus on basic Buddhist teachings and morality. The classes for adults and senior citizens, which are divided into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels, explore Buddhism in much greater depth. The classes at these levels examine the Buddhist teachings concerned with the spiritual goals of attaining worldly happiness, personal liberation and Buddhahood.

慧严佛学会以全面性及有系统的方向开展佛学教育。 我们通过长期举办中英文各级佛学班,有着次第性的佛学教育,并且包含了印度及中国佛教史。除了强调解行并重,课程的目的在于提供一个佛教全面的概观。

为了广泛地摄化学生,我们开办适于儿童、成人及乐龄人士的佛学班。不同班级的周日儿童班(K1至P6)注重简单的佛法及基本的做人的道理 。成人与乐龄佛学班又分为初,中,高三级,由浅入深的分别探研不同修行层次的目标:人天果报,涅槃解脱乐及佛果等。