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Education Sub-Committee

In a society, education serves to cultivate talents in order to improve the political, economical and other aspects of the society. Education is therefore very important to the progress of humanity.

Besides sharing the purpose and foundation of education in society, Buddhist education in itself carries a special meaning. Purifying oneself and benefiting others are the objectives of Buddhist education. A systematic Buddhist education aims to cultivate Buddhists of right faith and right understanding who will uphold the practice and propagation of the Dharma.

Purifying oneself pertains to self benefits as one purifies his mind and cultivates towards enlightenment. On the other hand, benefiting others is the aspiration to help others which is based on right faith and right understanding of the Dharma and the propagation of the Bodhisattva spirit through the participation of various activities.

With the above objectives in mind, our Society has established the Education Sub-Committee, which comprises a Committee member and five Sub-Committee members. The four divisions of the Sub-Committee are as follow :

(1) Education Bodies Group
(2) Research and Development Group
(3) Education Matters & Guidance Group
(4) Administration and Information Group

Buddhist education plays a very important role in promoting Buddhism and propagating its spirit. We therefore hope that more Buddhists will join us in our efforts to realise the Buddhist education, hence creating a Pure Land in samsara.

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