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General Affairs Sub-Committee

The General Affairs Sub-Committee takes charge of activities which do not fall under the helm of the other four sub-committees. As the activities of the General Affairs Sub-Committee are wide-ranging and largely fragmented, they require the most manpower.

General Affairs refer to all matters pertaining to the Society. This includes not only the smooth functioning of Dharma propagating activities, but also the provision of a conducive and quiet environment for practice. Analogous to the Prime Minister’s office of any country, General Affairs Sub-Committee stresses on efficiency and speed in work performance, and demonstrates the organisation and ability of a team.

In general, Buddhists only know about the cultivation of Eightfold Path which is concerned about cultivating and benefiting oneself. They do not understand the need to cultivate merits and wisdom so as to benefit sentient beings; helping the General Affairs Sub-Committee is actually a means to cultivate merits.

Thus, the establishment of General Affairs Sub-Committee is based on practical needs. Headed by a Committee Member and assisted by five sub-committee members, the General Affairs Sub-Committee is in charge of the following four divisions :

  1. Service Group
  2. Maintenance Group
  3. Logistic Support Group
  4. Administration and Information Group

As the Society is relentless in its efforts to propagate the Dharma, the range of activities organised by the Society has broadened and the workload has become heavier. Hence more volunteers are needed. We sincerely hope that you can assist the General Affairs Sub-Committee in carrying out Buddhist activities, thus benefiting Buddhism and all sentient beings.

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