About The Mahaprajna Buddhist Society

Meaning of Mahaprajna

An understanding of the circumstances which led to the setting up of The Mahaprajna Buddhist Society and its objectives will bring to light an awareness of our struggle and sense of direction.

The word Mahaprajna means “Great Wisdom”.  In Buddhist learning, the accumulation of Merits and gaining of Wisdom should go hand in hand with understanding and practice. Hence, the adoption of the word Mahaprajna. Though Wisdom is emphasized as a guide in Cultivation, in actual fact Cultivation should embrace all wholesome deeds and methods.

The Setting Up of TMBS

The Society was set up in December 1985, at a time when:

■ Temples are many and devotees abound but in actual fact, there is no distinction made between Buddhism and Taoism or Buddha and Deity.

■ The lack of Buddhists with talents and leadership qualities in the various sectors of the society posed many problems.

■ Most traditional Buddhists temples are rather conservative in their outlook and seldom organised the right kind of activities to attract new followers. Added to this disadvantage, there was also the wrong impression created in the minds of the public about Buddhism.

These situations interacted with one another, created conditions which were detrimental to the growth of Buddhism. Therefore, we felt that there was a need to establish The Mahaprajna Buddhist Society to initiate Buddhist missionary work so as to show our gratitude to sentient beings and also, as part of our responsibility as a Buddhist.

Our Objectives

The Setting of our Society’s two objectives are a direct result of the above mentioned situations.

■ First, to promote moral education through the propagation of the True Spirit of Buddhism by

a) inculcating Right Faith and Right Understanding of the Dharma;
b) organising Dharma Classes, Seminars, Lectures and Discussions;
c) organising Buddhist Cultural Activities (e.g. Library, Buddhist Publications, etc); and
d) rendering assistance to charity homes.

Our first objective is to nurture true Buddhists through Buddhist education. Through this foundation, we aim to muster collective strength to undertake the task of propagating Buddhism for the benefit of sentient beings. As we progress, the spirit of Buddhism will be well spread.

■ Second, to enhance the standard of Buddhism by providing for the welfare and financing the education of monks/nuns approved by the Society.

The flourish or decline of Buddhism depends on the quality of the Sangha.To ensure the ever presence of Buddhism to benefit sentient beings, we have to provide for the welfare of the Sangha in their daily needs and medical care. By doing so, more people of high caliber who have the aspiration, will come forth to join the Sangha. They will be able to concentrate more on their cultivation as their fears and worries of livelihood will be eradicated. Besides that, we should foster their talents by providing opportunities for higher education and equip them with working skills. Thus, a good image will be created.

Total commitment to raise the quality of Buddhist talents so as to do work to benefit sentient beings is the purpose behind our second objective.

Our Vision

The Society is determined and diligent in pursuing its two objectives and mindful that in carrying out its work, it is in accordance with the Dharma. The step-by-step and all round approach is the guiding principle. The method is to nurture Sangha talents followed by that of the lay people; from doing primary and easy tasks to doing secondary and difficult tasks, aspiring to walk the Boddhisattva path and finally to achieve the aim of liberating all sentient beings from sufferings.

It is no easy task trying to bring liberation to all sentient beings; nor is it easy to carry out Buddhist work. We need to rely on the untiring support from everyone. When a Buddhist has the welfare of Buddhism at heart, the compassion towards sentient beings, the spirit of cultivating merits and wisdom, he will make donations or advise others to do so. He might also show support to the Society in other ways. All these will bring about wholesome conditions and the merits are boundless.

We hope that the above introduction would bring about your understanding and arouse the compassion in you, motivating you towards doing good. Together, we will spread Buddhism and create a pure land for all mankind.

Our Building’s Structure