Our Milestones

TMBS @ Pek Chuan Building 百泉大厦 (1985-1990)
116 Lavender Street #03-04 Pek Chuan Building Singapore 338730

  • 14th Dec TMBS was formed and the official opening was held at Pek Chuan Building
  • Mar
Raised funds for the New World Hotel collapse
  • 5 Apr
First Annual General Meeting
  • May
First student outing was organized, which became an annual event
  • July
  • Established 4-year Dharma course (Introductory, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) & English Beginner Dharma class commenced
  • Dharma Implements Group was formed
  • 14 Dec
The Society celebrated its 1st Anniversary with a mini Exhibition on the Theme
‘You, the Society & Buddhism’
  • 7 Mar 
The venue for Saturday Dharma talk was changed from Cheng Teck Temple to Pek Chuan Building
  • 18 Oct 
Ordination of Ven Zhi Ru
First Dharma Camp at the POST OFFICE holiday bungalow
  • May 
Fund-raising event organised to raise funds for Building Fund
  • 28 May
Ordination of Ven Chang Qing
  • Dec
Relocated to Hock Chuan Temple. Started plans to obtain a bank loan for the new
premise at Rambai Road
  • July
  • The Society Song was composed and in use since
  • Master Hou Zhong served as Religious Advisor to NUS Buddhist Society and
    Ngee Ann Polytechnic Buddhist Society

TMBS @ Hock Chuan Temple 福泉寺 (1989-1990)
Jalan Cherah Off Upper Thomson Road Singapore 578276

  • Dec 89 – Jan 90
Relocating done in stages from Peck Chuan Building
  • Feb
  • The 6th Beginner Chinese Dharma Class formed the Care Group which managed a weekend Tea Corner
  • First Children Calligraphy class was organised (3- month course)
  • Mar
  • Four study bursaries awarded to needy students
  • Master Hou Zhong delivered a lecture on Buddhism at Teck Whye Secondary School for Secondary 3 & 4 pupils
  • Childcare service was available for the first time during the Vesak Day Puja

TMBS Vihara@ Rambai Road 慧严精舍 (1990 – 1995)
19 Rambai Road Singapore 424338

  • Dec
  • Shifted to its new premises at Rambai Road
  • 3 Feb
Started the blood donation drive (held almost every year subsequently)
  • 24 Feb
Opening ceremony at Rambai Road
  • May
The library was officially opened
  • 18 Aug
Ordination of Ven Zhi Hui
  • Sep
Inauguration of the sub-committees
  • Jan
Master Hou Zhong delivered a lecture- Ways To Sustain Your Buddhist Practice at the 25th Anniversary of the Singapore Polytechnic Buddhist Society
  • Sep
First Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration
  • Mar
First publication of the TMBS quarterly newsletter
  • May
  • First visit to Singapore Children’s Society
  • Launch of GIRO donation scheme
  • Jun
First secular talk cum slide show by Nature Society (Singapore) titled “Nature Conservation in Singapore”
  • 30 Aug
Dharma talk by Ven Hui Min (PhD in Buddhism, University of Tokyo)
  • Sep
Inauguration of the sub-committees
  • 1 May
Talk on Counselling Children by Sis Tan Buck Lee
  • 17 Jun
Mountain climbing to Mt Ophir Malaysia
  • 3 Dec
Talk on “Child Development & Effective Parenting” by Sis Tan Buck Lee

TMBS @ Geylang 慧严佛学会 (1995 – 2007)
11 Lorong 35 Geylang Singapore 387943

  • 1 Jan
Moved to 11 Lorong 35 Geylang
  • Feb
Visited Woodlands Home for the Aged
  • Mar
  • 3月
  • First Floral Arrangement class
  • First Sunday Children Dharma class
  • First Senior Citizen Dharma class
  • July
  • First Chinese Calligraphy Class
  • First Chinese Ink Painting Class
  • Sep
  • First Taiji class
  • Printing Exhibition by Mr Wu Tsai Yen to raise funds for TMBS’s new building
  • Nov
Grand Master Yinshun’s visited TMBS and stayed at Vihara
  • July
Started collection of old clothings and newspapers in aid of raising funds for TMBS
  • 28 July
Opening Ceremony for TMBS at Lor 35 Geylang
  • 18 Nov
Discourse by Venerable Yin Hai on the four steps of Cultivation – Faith Understanding, Practice and Attainment
  • 20 Nov
Discourse by Venerable Ren Jun on “Daily Ability for clear contemplation, Great ability to Building conditions’
  • 7 Dec
Public talk by Dr Lim Chee Chong on “Overcoming Mental Stress’ (Mandarin)
  • 21 Dec
Public Talk by Lawyer Tan Jee Ming on “Making A Will’(Mandarin)
  • 7 Jun
Public talk by Consultant Psychiatrist, Sim Li Ping on “Negotiating the different Stages in life”
  • 24 May
Public Talk by Ms Emily Lau of Shan You Counselling Centre on “Helping Children with Problems” (English)
  • 8 Aug
Dharma talk by Ven Hui Min (PhD in Buddhism, University of Tokyo)
  • 23 Sep
Fund raising Campaign in aid of the victims of Taiwan
  • 3 Jun
Ordination of Ven Zhi Yuan
  • Dec
First Overnight Meditation Retreat
  • Dec
First 1-day Intensive Practice Retreat
  • Jan
The Building Project Committee was formed
  • Dec
First trip to Hsiang Shan Temple in Taiwan for a 3-day retreat
  • Jan
Friends of Sunday Children Dharma Class was started for graduates of the Children Dharma Class
  • Apr
  • The Mahaprajna Choir was formed
  • First overnight retreat for volunteers at Vihara
  • Oct
Purchased adjacent freehold property at No13 Lor 35 Geylang
  • 7 Nov
Fundraising committee was formed to raise funds for rebuilding of TMBS’s premises
  • Jan
The TMBS website was officially launched
  • 25 Mar
A walk down memory lane from Hock Chuan Temple, to Pek Chuan Building, and then walked from Vihara (Rambai Rd) to Society at Lor 35 Geylang
  • 4 Sep
Carnival to raise funds for TMBS’s new building
  • 1 Mar
Ven Zhi Yuan left TMBS
  • 2 Mar
Ven Zhi Hui left TMBS
  • 10 May
Calligraphy Exhibition by Master Hou Zhong to raise funds for TMBS’s new building
  • 16 Sep
TMBS 20th Anniversary Celebration Dinner
  • 20 Apr
Ven Zhi Ru left TMBS
  • 30 May
  • Calligraphy Exhibition by Master Hou Zhong to raise funds
  • “Sentient Being Meets The Bodhisattva” musical CD was launched
  • Jun
TMBS moved to the temporary premise at Race Course Road All activities were conducted at the temporary premise
  • 15 July
Ground Breaking Ceremony at Lor 35 Geylang
  • 18 Jan
Ven Chang Qing left TMBS
  • 21 Jun
TMBS moved back to Vihara

TMBS @ Geylang 慧严佛学会 (2008 – now)
11 Lorong 35 Geylang Singapore 387943

  • 29 Nov
TMBS moved from Vihara to the new TMBS building All activities have since been conducted at the new premise
  • 4 Jan
First Senior Citizen Study Group
  • 6 Jan
First weekday Senior Citizen Dharma Class
  • 6 Jan
A weekly Study Group based on Master Yinshun’s “An Overview of the Buddha Dharma” led by a lay teacher was started for the alumni
  • 24 Jan
Calligraphy Exhibition titled “Words of Wisdom” by Master Hou Zhong
  • 21 Apr
Talk by Prof Yu-Jung Liu Avis titled “Why do I translate Master Yinshun’s Works?”
  • 6 Dec
Zheng Ai Chu (Chinese Physician) gave a talk on “How to communicate well with others”
  • 13 Dec
Grand Ceremony of Double Celebration – Inaugural Ceremony for the Rebuilding of TMBS – 24th Anniversary Celebration
  • 1 Jul
Started Dharma Sharing Group on “The Three Essentials of Dharma Practice”, led by lay teacher
  • 5 Nov
One Day Retreat
  • 5 Dec
Talk by Bro Tan Eng Choon on the Journey to quality ageing–through selfexploration and religious beliefs
  • 12 Dec
Floral Delights – Artificial Flower Exhibition
  • 8 Jan – 15 Jan
Yin Liu Flower Arrangement Class (2 Days)
  • 18 Mar-25 Mar
Graduating Students of Dharma Class-China Trip Pu Tuo Shan
  • 6 Nov
One Day Retreat
  • 9 Mar – 16 Mar
Graduating Students of Dharma Class- Mt Huangshan, Mt JiuHua
  • 26 May
English Dharma Talk “Timely Teaching Of the Timeless Truth-Human-Realm Buddhism” by Prof Yu-Jung Liu Avis
  • 24 Jun
  • Health Talk 《乐龄生活可以更精彩》by Mdm Huang Chuan Jiao (黄春娇) Counsellor from Shan You Counselling Centre
  • 01 Oct – 5 Oct
Chinese Knots Making Introductory Class by Ms Lin Tinghui
  • 1 Nov
One Day Retreat
  • 24 Nov
Health Talk “The Common Skin Conditions seen and The Way Ahead for Good Skin Health” by Dr Ker Khor Jia, a Skin specialist
  • 22 Dec
Choir Performance at Singapore Conference Hall (Invited by S’pore Lee Clan General Association)
  • 29 Dec
Ikebana, Japanese floral arrangement Demonstration and Hands-on Class
  • 23 Feb – 2 Jun
  • 6 Jul – 7 Sep
  • 28 Sep – 16 Nov
Volunteer Training for Caring Group (3 Phases) by Bro Tan Eng Choon
  • 29 Mar – 6 Apr
Graduating Students of Dharma Class – China Trip (Emeishan and Jiuzhaigou)
  • 15 Sep
YunShui Tea Corner declared open
  • 30 Sep – 4 Oct
“Introduction to Chinese Knots” conducted by Taiwan Art and Craft Association’s lecturer, Ms Lin Tinghui
  • 13 Nov
SCDC / SYDC Teachers’ Workshop
  • 31 Mar – 9 Apr
Graduating Students of Dharma Class trip to Mt Wutai
  • 13 Apr
TMBS Choir group celebrated 10th Anniversary Night
  • 19 Apr, 17 May, 24 Jun
Volunteers Team Bonding Programme conducted by Mr Tan Puay Ching and Bro Tan Eng Choon
  • 22 Mar – 6 Apr
Graduating Students of Dharma Class trip to Southern Xinjiang – tracking the route taken by Dharma Master Ven Xuanzang
  • 1 May 
Treading the Bodhi Path – The Wellness Walk / Run @ Big Splash
  • 22 Aug – 4 Sep
The Mahaprajna Buddhist Society Evolution of Dharma Propagation
  • Sep
Garden@Rooftop completed