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2016消灾吉祥法会 Lunar New Year Eve Puja Information

消灾吉祥法会  Lunar New Year Eve Puja
佛历二五五九, 农历十二月二十九
忏悔业障 消灾吉祥 安乐自在

The Lunar New Year Eve Puja will be held on 7th Feb 2016 (Sunday) at 8.30pm at The Mahaprajna Buddhist Society.
Develop peace and Joy through repentance and reflection


很多人不信或误解佛教, 主要原因是不了解真正的佛法, 这是佛教前途的严重障碍。佛法教育是佛教兴衰的关键, 而本会以佛法教育为主, 为了弘法利生, 希望诸位居士发心长期的护法。本会建议你利用任何银行的财路自动扣除的方式乐捐, 其无相布施功德无量。详情请来电或来本会询问。

Grow Your Merits
Many people do not believe or misunderstood Buddhism. The main reason is they do not understand the true Buddha Dharma. This hinders the development of Buddhism. As such, Buddha Dharma education is the key factor in determining the rise or fall Buddhism. The Society’s main focus is promoting Buddha Dharma education to benefit sentient beings. We hope you can give us your financial support on a long term basis. You can make your donations through GIRO via any bank for a convenient and automatic deduction. May you attain boundless merits for your generosity! Please call us or approach our information counter for further details.


For those who drive, you may park your vehicles at the carpark beside Blk 129 Geylang East Ave 2.

新春联欢会  Lunar New Year Celebration
欢迎大家前来参加新春联欢会, 亲身体验新春的法喜。我们的表演也希望得到你们的掌声鼓励, 我们期盼与各位结善缘!

日期: 二零一六年二月十三日(星期六)
时间: 下午三时正

The Golden Money Ushers in Spring & Prosperity in TMBS
The Lunar New Year Celebration is an opportunity for devotees and students of TMBS to get together and fellowship on this joyous event. You will be entertained with performances put up by our very own TMBS’s talents. We look forward to the pleasure of your company!

Date: 13 Feb 2016 (Saturday)
Time: 3 pm
Venue: TMBS, 6th floor

目的: 在新春中互相勉励祝福,在欢喜中广结善缘。
日期:二零一六年二月九日 (大年初二)

备注: 欢迎所有的人参加;内容有:听法师开示、拍照留念等。

Chinese New Year Get-Together
A gathering in the beginning of the Chinese New Year to enhance togetherness, mutual encouragement and blessing.We encourage Buddhists to attend the event. Photo taking after Venerable’s speech.
Date: 9 Feb 2016 (Tuesday)
Time: 9.30am
Venue: TMBS, 6th floor


Distribution of new publications and CD
TMBS’s 30th Anniversary Commemorative Publication and Analects on Monastic (outlined version) are free for distribution while stock last.
Abhidharma-Kosa-Sastra (outlined version) comprises of 3 volumes, and we charge a cost fee of $40 per set. All publications are in simplified chinese.
Our 2nd CD titled “Blessings” is already available for charity sales at $20 per set. The whole set comprises of one musical and instrumental CD respectively.