Our Library 图书馆


館址: 位于本会五楼 (5th Floor)
11, Lorong 35 Geylang
Singapore 387943
 图书馆开放时间  :
 Library Opening Hours  :

日期             时间       Day      Times
星期一至星期五 晚上七时至九时 Mon to Fri 7pm to 9pm
星期六 下午三点三十分至晚上七点正 Saturday 3.30pm to 7pm
星期日 上午九点半至下午五点三十分 Sunday 9.30am to 5.30pm


TMBS Library holds a collection of more than 9,000 items in Chinese and English languages. Besides books, there are also collections of monographs, serials, audio and visual materials.
The library is opened to the public.

(一) 借阅规则 Loan Transaction

  1. 办理借阅手续、请出示登记,学生证或工作准证。To present your identification card, study pass (for 7 to 14 year old) or work permit when borrowing.
  1. 借阅期限与数量如下 :

2.1  只限借三样 (书本/影音光碟)。Each person can borrow up to three items                                   (books/media).
2.2  借阅等期限为四个星期。Four weeks of loan limit.
2.3  需要延长必须亲自到图书馆办理展延手续。Renewal can only be done at the library.

3.  所借的书本/影音光碟如逾期归还, 每逾期一日,每本/片罚款两角,逾期罚款顶额为         二十元。Overdue fines are charged at $0.20 per book/magazine/CD-ROM. The                         maximum fine for each item is $20.

4.  地址 、电话如有更改者, 请携带有关证件, 到服务处通知值勤员, 以便更改。Please             bring along your identity card to the library for update if your address or phone number       has changed.

5.  凡黄色之编号或贴有黄色标签的书本皆属于参考书,不能出借。Any items with                   yellow sticker are for reference only and not for loan.

(二) 申请借书之手续 Registration :

  1. 表格必须亲自交到图书馆服务处,并出示有关证件: 身份证,学生证(七岁至十四岁)或工作准证以便劾查。Applicants are required to register at the library counters, bring along identification card, study pass (for 7 to 14 year old) or work permit for verification.
  1. 免付申请费; 一般的申请最迟会在七天后生效。The registration is free; The account would be effective after seven days upon registration.

Book Searching
Looking for Books and Audio and CDs —- Explore 9,000 Chinese and English Dharma Books and DVDs/CDs in our Library.