Religious Advisor

_DSC1229b本会宗教顾问厚宗法师, 俗姓林,台湾人。因得其姐香山寺宗慧法师接引,1966年在新竹福严精舍亲近当代佛学泰斗印顺导师,发心出家。出家前,导师对他说:“我有一位师弟住在新加坡,托我为他收一位徒弟,而拜他拜我做师父都是一样的。” 因此以印实法师为师,但实际上是依止印顺导师学习。1975年在香港受戒,戒牒上的剃度师是印顺、印实二位法师。





Venerable HouZhong

Venerable HouZhong was born in Taiwan to a Lim family. In 1966, his sister – Venerable ZongHui of Xiang Shan Temple, introduced him to FuyanVihara at Hsinchu to ordain under Venerable Yin Shun.  At that time, Venerable YinShun was entrusted to accept a disciple on behalf of his Dharma brother Venerable Yin Shi who was residing in Singapore and decided that Venerable HouZhong would ordain under Venerable YinShi but learn under him. Hence, in 1975, Venerable HouZhong received his full precepts under both teachers in Hong Kong.

 Between 1967 and 1977, Venerable HouZhong resided at Huiri Auditorium, attending night classes conducted for elementary and advance Buddhism, for his own practice and in preparation to propagate the Dharma.

 In 1977, he spent a year on self cultivation at DiganLanruo in Mount Da Lan, followed by a period between 1980 and 1982 spent in Bao’enXiaozhu. Thereafter, he moved to Singapore and set up The Mahaprajna Buddhist Society in 1985 to teach Buddhism. Based on the book “The Path to Buddhahood” written by Venerable Yin Shun, he added and expanded on the content to develop a graded three year Dharma course. Weekly classes of 2-hour each were conducted for 3 levels of classes – beginner, intermediate and advance.  During the weekends, Venerable HouZhong would give Dharma talks. His initiatives led to the sprouting of dharma courses in Singapore in the 80s, the enthusiasm for Buddhist education was revived since the 60s when Venerable CiHang was leading the movement to promote Buddhism in the human realm.

 When Venerable ZongHui passed away in May 1996, Venerable HouZhong returned to Taiwan in December 1999 to take over the leadership at Xiang Shan Temple and started similar dharma classes in Hsinchu. Thereafter, he regularly commuted between Singapore and Taiwan. Since 2008, he has spent most of his time in Singapore.