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Xiang Shan Shi Retreat

For 40 years before the year 1975, Xiang Shan Shi was only a humble small wooden hut. Master Houzhong’s sister was then the resident nun there. After 1975, the premises of Xiang Shan Shi were extended, forming the present architecture. After the passing on of Master Houzhong’s sister in December 1999, Master Houzhong returned to Xin Zhu, Taiwan, to take over Xiang Shan Shi.

Thereafter, he set about renovating and expanding the interiors of the place, materialising the construction of the grand and spacious Zen room on the second storey of Xiang Shan Shi. The quiet Zen room has since become an ideal location for many TMBS students to do their practice. The peaceful and tranquil environment of Xiang Shan Shi makes it a perfect place for cultivation.

Every year on the Third week of December, TMBS students and devotees from Singapore participated in the 3-day Xiang Shan Shi Retreat.

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