Senior Citizen Dharma Class

Senior Citizens Dharma Class 
To enable the senior citizens to have a chance to equally learn and practise Buddhism, TMBS organises a series of Buddhist lessons tailored for the seniors.

Senior Citizens Beginner Dharma Class
Course Syllabus

Unit 1 The Purpose of Learning Buddhism 学佛的目的
Unit 2 Life of the Buddha 佛陀略传
Unit 3 Taking Refuge in the Triple Gems 皈依三宝
Unit 4 Devotees of Buddhism 佛教的信徒
Unit 5 Stages of Learning Buddhism 学佛的次第
Unit 6 Doctrine of Karma 因果理论
Unit 7 Five Precepts and Ten Wholesome (I) 五戒与十善(一)
Unit 8 Five Precepts and Ten Wholesome (II) 五戒与十善(二)
Unit 9 Buddhist Etiquette 佛门礼仪
Unit 10 Clarification of Misconceptions 解释疑误
Unit 11 Buddhism of Right Faith (I) 正信的佛教(一)
Unit 12 Buddhism of Right Faith (II) 正信的佛教(二)
Unit 13 Discussion 问题讨论
Unit 14 Setting Up a Buddhist Shrine 佛坛的设施
Unit 15 Chanting for Lay Buddhists 居家的课诵
Unit 16 Buddhist Stories 学佛的故事
Unit 17 Introduction of Famous Lay Buddhists 居士介绍
Unit 18 Buddhist Marriage and Funeral Ceremonies 佛教的婚丧

Senior Citizens Intermediate Dharma Class
Course Syllabus
Unit 1 Classifications of Buddhism 学佛的分类
Unit 2 Six Realms of Existence and Rebirth 六道轮回
Unit 3 Introduction to Karma 业力介绍
Unit 4 Explaining Defilements 烦恼说明
Unit 5 Nirvana 涅槃简介
Unit 6 Three Practices 三学
Unit 7 Noble Eight-Fold Path 八正道
Unit 8 The Three Marks of Existence (I) 三法印(一)
Unit 9 The Three Marks of Existence (II) 三法印(二)
Unit 10 Twelve Links of Dependent Origination (I) 十二因缘(一)
Unit 11 Twelve Links of Dependent Origination (II) 十二因缘(二)
Unit 12 Four Stages Leading to Arhatship 声闻四果
Unit 13 Discussion (I) 问题讨论(一)
Unit 14 Discussion (II) 问题讨论(二)
Unit 15 Explanation of Buddhist Terminologies (I) 佛教名词解释(一)
Unit 16 Explanation of Buddhist Terminologies (II) 佛教名词解释(二)
Unit 17 Buddhists of India (I) 印度佛教人物(一)
Unit 18 Buddhists of India (II) 印度佛教人物(二)

Senior Citizens Advanced Dharma Class
Course Syllabus

Unit 1 Issues in Buddhist Cultivation 修行问题
Unit 2 Generating Bodhicitta 发菩提心
Unit 3 Five Practices of Lay Buddhists 居士五法
Unit 4 Introduction to the Six Perfections (I) 六度介绍(一)
Unit 5 Introduction to the Six Perfections (II) 六度介绍(二)
Unit 6 Four Skillful Means 四摄法
Unit 7 Salient Characteristics of Buddhism 佛教的特色
Unit 8 Introduction to the Bodhisattva 菩萨介绍(一)
Unit 9 Introduction to the Bodhisattva 菩萨介绍(二)
Unit 10 Pure Land Practice 念佛与净土
Unit 11 Chanting and Repentance 诵经与拜忏
Unit 12 Discussion (I) 问题讨论(一)
Unit 13 Discussion (II)问题讨论(二)
Unit 14 Introduction to Sutras一般经典介绍
Unit 15 Buddhists of China (I) 中国佛教人物(一)
Unit 16 Buddhists of China (II) 中国佛教人物(二)
Unit 17 中国佛教仪制
Unit 18 Buddhist Family 佛化家庭