Student Outing 2017

今年,康乐组委员会为慧严学生举办对邻国马来西亚海外旅行。共有156名参与者签署了自四月三十日直五月一日, 2天1夜的迪沙鲁之旅。四大辆旅行车安排在友诺士地铁站在清晨时分接载参与者。
This year, the Recreation Sub-Committee organised an overseas trip for students of TMBS to our neighbouring country, Malaysia. A total of 156 participants signed up for the 2 Day 1 Night Desaru Tour from 30 April to 1 May 2017. Four coaches were arranged to pick up the participants at Eunos MRT station in the early morning.
The key highlights of the itinerary are:
1、参观鸵鸟养殖场 Visit to Ostrich Farm
2、参观水果农场 Visit to Fruit Farm
3、提供以广泛的水果自助素食餐餐式 Vegetarian meals served with wide spread of                 fruits in buffet style
4、夜游船河和在河边观看/赏萤火虫 Evening river cruise and
       firefly watching along the river
5、团队联系活动在海滩上 Team bonding activities by the beach
6,从水果农场购买新鲜水果 Buying of fresh fruit from fruit farm
7。购物在JB的新装修的地不佬城购物中心 Shopping in JB, a newly renovated Tebrau              City Shopping Mall

All on board and setting off from Eunos MRT station
Crossing the Johor River using the new bridge.

First stop – Ostrich Farm where hundreds of ostrich awaits…

Vegetarian lunch with fruit buffet

Guided fruit farm tour

Fruit market

Lighting up sky lantern by the river
River cruise and firefly watching

Sunrise watching

Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort – Desaru Coast

Master giving a discourse

Getting ready for team bonding activities by the beach