Children Sunday Class

Unit 1 Buddha
Unit 2 Dharma
Unit 3 Sangha
Unit 4 Triple Gem
Unit 5 Buddhist Temple
Unit 6 Paying Respects To The Buddha
Unit 7 Attending Dharma Class
Unit 8 Buddha’s Parents
Unit 9 The Kind Prince
Unit 10 The Prince Who Loves To Learn
Unit 11 The Filial Prince
Unit 12 Buddha Loves His Country
Unit 13 Buddhist Flag
Unit 14 Dharma Wheel
Unit 15 Lotus
Unit 16 Bodhi Tree
Unit 17 Wooden Fish
Unit 18 Incense Burner
Unit 19 Learning From The Buddha
Unit 20 Dharma Is Like A Mirror
Unit 21 Monks/Nuns Are Good Teachers
Unit 22 Be Filial To Parents
Unit 23 Respect Teachers
Unit 24 Love Between Friends
Unit 25 Joys In Helping Others
Unit 26 Love And Protect Animals
Unit 27 Honesty
Unit 28 Treasure Every Day
Unit 29 Learning From Mistakes
Unit 30 Faith In Buddhism
Unit 3 Sangha Is Like A Nurse
Unit 4 Chanting Session
Unit 5 Paying Respects To The Buddhist Flag
Unit 6 Respect The Buddha
Unit 7 Do Good Deeds
Unit 8 Good Speech
Unit 9 Have A Kind Heart
Unit 10 Do Not Steal
Unit 11 Do Not Be Superstitious
Unit 12 Do Not Drink Alcohol
Unit 13 Buddhist Temples
Unit 14 Monks And Nuns
Unit 15 Buddhist Pagoda
Unit 16 Alms Bowl
Unit 17 Buddhist Swastika
Unit 18 Chanting Beads
Unit 19 Greed Is Bad
Unit 20 Do Not Throw Your Temper
Unit 21 Be A Wise Man
Unit 22 Vesak Day
Unit 23 Buddha’s Disciples
Unit 24 Treasure Public Property
Unit 25 Right Faith
Unit 26 Making Friends
Unit 27 Love And Protect Family Members
Unit 28 Respect Others
Unit 29 Kind People
Unit 30 Buddhist Family

Unit 1   Triple Gem
Unit 2   Sing Praises to the Buddha
Unit 3   Buddha’s Birthday
Unit 4   Buddha’s Childhood
Unit 5   Buddha’s Youth
Unit 6   Buddha Protects Us
Unit 7   We Respect Buddha
Unit 8   Visiting Buddhist Temple
Unit 9   Things that Buddha Likes
Unit 10  How to Listen to the Dharma
Unit 11  Upright Behaviour
Unit 12  Do Not Tell Lies
Unit 13  Kind Heartedness
Unit 14  Purity
Unit 15  Getting up Early
Unit 16  Sleep Peacefully
Unit 17  Three Wholesome Acts  (I)
Unit 18  Three Wholesome Acts (II)
Unit 19  My Affinity With Buddha
Unit 20  A Greedy Child
Unit 21  Coming Back Empty Handed
Unit 22  Giving (I)
Unit 23  Giving (II)
Unit 24  Work
Unit 25  Work of Monks and Nuns
Unit 26  Benefits Of Faith In Buddhism
Unit 27  Where Does Man Come From
Unit 28  Repentence
Unit 29  Distinguish Between Right and Wrong
Unit 30  Good Lay People

Unit 1   Three Refuges
Unit 2   Being Hardworking is Good
Unit 3   Story of how Buddha Repaid his Mother’s Kindness
Unit 4   Story of how Buddha Repaid his Father’s Kindness
Unit 5   Five Precepts (I)
Unit 6   Five Precepts (II)
Unit 7   Scolding Others Equals Scolding Ourselves
Unit 8   Love and Protect Animals
Unit 9   Counting Arahants
Unit 10   Important Basic Dharma
Unit 11   Threefold Karma (I)
Unit 12   Threefold Karma (II)
Unit 13   Six Worlds (Realms)
Unit 14   Where Do We Go After Death
Unit 15   Congratulations
Unit 16   Joining the Chanting Session
Unit 17   Ten Wholesome Acts (I)
Unit 18   Ten Wholesome Acts (II)
Unit 19   Cause and Effect
Unit 20   Looking into the Mirror
Unit 21   Liberating Sentient Beings
Unit 22   Three Wisdoms (I)
Unit 23   Three Wisdoms (II)
Unit 24   Hiking
Unit 25   Paying Respects
Unit 26   Must Respect Monks and Nuns
Unit 27   Do Not Be Disappointed
Unit 28   What is There to be Afraid of
Unit 29   Good Children
Unit 30   Good Monks and Nuns

Unit 1   Taking Refuge in the Triple Gems
Unit 2   Celebrating Buddha’s Birthday
Unit 3   Buddha’s Home
Unit 4   Story of Buddha’s Renunciation  (I)
Unit 5   Story of Buddha’s Renunciation (II)
Unit 6   Buddha Loves his Country
Unit 7   Everything Changes
Unit 8   The Universe Does Not Have a Creator God
Unit 9   The Truth About All Things
Unit 10   Cause and Effect (I)
Unit 11   Cause and Effect (II)
Unit 12   Faith
Unit 13   Anathapindika the Elder
Unit 14   Merits of Giving
Unit 15   A Snake’s Head and Tail
Unit 16   Six Realms of Existence and Rebirth (I)
Unit 17   Six Realms of Existence and Rebirth (II)
Unit 18   Topsy-Turvy
Unit 19   Story of King Peacock
Unit 20   Looking After the Sick
Unit 21   Jue Min Falls Ill
Unit 22   Four Noble Truths (I)
Unit 23   Four Noble Truths (II)
Unit 24   Two Pails
Unit 25   Wooden Fish
Unit 26   Little Child and Tortoise
Unit 27   The Drunken Udayin
Unit 28   Learning Buddhism through Teacher
Unit 29   Small Mistakes
Unit 30   The Happiest Person

Unit 1   Stages of Life
Unit 2   Earth Changes
Unit 3   Benefits of Understanding Impermanence
Unit 4   Defilements (I)
Unit 5   Defilements (II)
Unit 6   Touching the Elephant
Unit 7   Monkeys Catch the Moon
Unit 8   Mee Duo the Gossiper
Unit 9   Saving Ants
Unit 10   Noble Eightfold Path (I)
Unit 11   Noble Eightfold Path (II)
Unit 12   Do Not be Superstitious
Unit 13   Respect the Dharma
Unit 14   The Frog and the Little Children
Unit 15   Buddhist Swastika, Dharma Wheel,Lotus
Unit 16   Yu She Jia (I)
Unit 17   Yu She Jia (II)
Unit 18   Story of Respecting Elders
Unit 19   Filial Bodhisattva Takes Care of Parents
Unit 20   Planting the Field of Merits
Unit 21   Four Types of Buddhist Disciples
Unit 22   The Twelve-Linked Chain of Dependent Arising (I)
Unit 23   The Twelve-Linked Chain of Dependent Arising (II)
Unit 24   Little Bird Regains Freedom
Unit 25   Garden and Pond of Liberation
Unit 26   Buddha is God’s Teacher
Unit 27   Model Missionary
Unit 28   Right Effort
Unit 29   Good Citizen
Unit 30   Aim of Learning Buddhism

Unit 1   The Founder, Doctrine and Followers
Unit 2   Shakyamuni Buddha’s Life of Cultivation
Unit 3   Shakyamuni Buddha’s Enlightenment
Unit 4   Shakyamuni Buddha’s Propagation of Buddhism
Unit 5   Shakyamuni Buddha EntersParinirvana
Unit 6   The Four Great Vows (I)
Unit 7   The Four Great Vows (II)
Unit 8   Mahakassapa and Ananda
Unit 9   A Small Bird Fights Fire
Unit 10   Mr “About the Same”
Unit 11   Wisdom as Abbot
Unit 12   Four Immeasurables (I)
Unit 13   Four Immeasurables (II)
Unit 14   Rahula Likes to Tell Lies
Unit 15   Tortoise Which Spoke Vulgar Words
Unit 16   Repentance
Unit 17   Sell Only Seeds, Not Fruits
Unit 18   Story of Extracting a Tooth
Unit 19   Four Kindness (I)
Unit 20   Four Kindness (II)
Unit 21   Mad Person Obtains Salvation
Unit 22   Doctrine of Equality
Unit 23   Superstitious Specialist
Unit 24   Becoming a Buddha Through Meditation
Unit 25   It’s Brighter Here
Unit 26   Six Paramittas (I)
Unit 27   Six Paramittas (II)
Unit 28   King Asoka
Unit 29   Grand Master Xuan Zang
Unit 30   Buddhas in the Ten Directions and of the Three Periods

Unit 1   Method of Cultivation (I)
Unit 2   Method of Cultivation (II)
Unit 3   Compilation of Buddhist Sutras
Unit 4   Buddhism’s Musical Compositions
Unit 5   Nalanda Temple
Unit 6   Four Skiful Means (I)
Unit 7   Four Skiful Means (II)
Unit 8   Dream of Emperor Ming (Han Dynasty)
Unit 9   Buddha Teaches the Dharma to Bhikkuni Jia Mi Ni
Unit 10   Causes and Conditions
Unit 11   Cultivating Merits and Wisdom
Unit 12   Amitabha in Every Family, Avalokita in Every Household (I)
Unit 13   Amitabha in Every Family, Avalokita in Every Household (II)
Unit 14   Da Ming the Elder
Unit 15   Buddhism’s Southern and Northern  Transmissions
Unit 16   Changing a wife’s Nose
Unit 17   A Fool Eats Salt
Unit 18   A Merchant Who Sold Charcoal
Unit 19   Eight Schools of Mahayana Buddhism  (I)
Unit 20   Eight Schools of Mahayana Buddhism (II)
Unit 21   Making Marks by Drawing Water
Unit 22   A Poor Person Burns Cloths
Unit 23   Harmful Effects of Hatred
Unit 24   Irrigate Sugarcane Plants with Sugarcane Juice
Unit 25   Teaching on Previous Lives and After Lives
Unit 26   Ghosts, Gods and Heavens (I)
Unit 27   Ghosts, Gods and Heavens (II)
Unit 28   Nagarjuna and Asanga
Unit 29   Vimalakirta the Elder
Unit 30   Hope Arises from Learning Buddhism

  • Sunday Children Dharma Class (K1-P6)
    2:00pm to 4:00pm