Sunday Class (Children)

Course Syllabus

Sunday Children Dharma Class (K1)

Unit 1   Buddha 佛
Unit 2   Dharma 法
Unit 3   Sangha  僧
Unit 4   Triple Gems  三宝
Unit 5   Buddhist Temple 佛寺
Unit 6   Paying Respects to the Buddha 礼佛
Unit 7   Attending Dharma Class 上佛学课
Unit 8   Buddha’s Parents 释尊的父母
Unit 9   The Kind Prince 善良的太子
Unit 10   The Prince Who Loves to Learn 好学的太子
Unit 11   The Filial Prince 孝顺的太子
Unit 12   Buddha Loves His Country 爱国的释尊
Unit 13   Buddhist Flag 佛旗
Unit 14   Dharma Wheel 法轮
Unit 15   Lotus 莲花
Unit 16   Bodhi Tree 菩提树
Unit 17   Wooden Fish 木鱼
Unit 18   Incense Burner 香炉
Unit 19   Learning From the Buddha 向佛学习
Unit 20   Dharma is Like a Mirror 佛法像镜子
Unit 21   Sangha are Good Teachers 僧是良师
Unit 22   Be Filial to Parents 孝敬父母
Unit 23   Respect Teachers 尊敬老师
Unit 24   Love Between Friends 友爱
Unit 25   Helping People Brings Happiness 助人为乐
Unit 26   Love and Protect Animals 爱护动物
Unit 27   Honesty 诚实
Unit 28   Treasure Every Day 珍惜每一天
Unit 29   Change for the Better on Knowing One’s Faults 知错能改
Unit 30   Having Faith in Buddhism 信仰佛教
Sunday Children’s Dharma Class (K2)
Course Syllabus
Unit 1   Buddha is Like a Doctor 佛如医生
Unit 2   Dharma is Like Good Medicine 法似良药
Unit 3   Sangha is Like a Nurse 僧像护士
Unit 4   Chanting Session 共修会
Unit 5   Paying Respects to the Buddhist Flag 向佛旗敬礼
Unit 6   Respect The Buddha 敬佛
Unit 7   Do Good Deeds 做好事
Unit 8   Good Speech 说好话
Unit 9   Have a Kind Heart 存好心
Unit 10   Do Not Steal 不偷
Unit 11   Do Not Be Superstituous 不迷信
Unit 12   Do Not Drink Alcohol 不喝酒
Unit 13   Buddhist Temples 寺院
Unit 14   Monks and Nuns 出家人
Unit 15   Buddhist Pagoda 佛塔
Unit 16   Alms Bowl 钵
Unit 17   Buddhist Swastika 卍字
Unit 18   Chanting Beads 念珠
Unit 19   Greed is Bad 贪心不好
Unit 20   Do not Lose your Temper 不乱发脾气
Unit 21   Be A Wise Man做个明智的人
Unit 22   Vesak Day 卫塞节
Unit 23   Buddha’s Disciples 佛的弟子
Unit 24   Love and Treasure Public Property 爱惜公物
Unit 25   Right Faith 正信
Unit 26   Making Friends 结交朋友
Unit 27   Love and protect Family Members 爱护家人
Unit 28   Respect Others 尊重别人
Unit 29   Kind People善良的人
Unit 30   Buddhist Family 佛化家庭
Sunday Children Dharma Class (Primary 1)
Course Syllabus
Unit 1   Triple Gems 三宝
Unit 2   Singing Praises about Buddha 赞僧歌
Unit 3   Buddha’s Birthday 佛的生日
Unit 4   Buddha’s Childhood 释尊的童年
Unit 5   Buddha’s Youth 释尊的少年
Unit 6   Buddha Protects Us 佛护念我们
Unit 7   We Respect Buddha 我们敬仰佛
Unit 8   Going to the Buddhist Temple 到佛寺去
Unit 9   Things that Buddha Likes 佛欢喜的东西
Unit 10  How to Listen to the Dharma 怎样听佛法
Unit 11  Upright Behaviour 行为端正
Unit 12  Do Not Tell Lies 不可说谎
Unit 13  A Kind Heart 心地善良
Unit 14  Purity 清净
Unit 15  Getting up Early 早起
Unit 16  Sleep Peacefully 平安的睡了
Unit 17  Three Wholesome Acts  (I) 三福业(上)
Unit 18  Three Wholesome Acts (II) 三福业(下)
Unit 19  There is Affinity Between Buddha and I 我与佛有缘
Unit 20  The Greedy Child 贪心的孩子
Unit 21  Coming Back Empty Handed 空着手回来
Unit 22  Giving (I)  布施 (上)
Unit 23  Giving (II) 布施 (下)
Unit 24  Work 工作
Unit 25  Work of Monks and Nuns 出家人的工作
Unit 26  Benefits of Having Faith in Buddha 信佛的好处
Unit 27  Where Does Man Come From 人从那里来
Unit 28  A Repentant Heart 惭愧心
Unit 29  Distinguish Between Right and Wrong 分别是非
Unit 30  Good Lay People 好的出家人
Sunday Children Dharma Class (Primary 2)
Course Syllabus
Unit 1   Three Refuges 三归依
Unit 2   Being Hardworking is Good 勤劳好
Unit 3   Story of how Buddha Repaid his
Unit 3   Mother’s Kindness 佛报母恩的故事
Unit 4   Story of how Buddha Repaid his
Unit 4   Father’s Kindness 佛报父恩的故事
Unit 5   Five Precepts (I)  五戒(上)
Unit 6   Five Precepts (II) 五戒(下)
Unit 7   Scolding Others Equals Scolding
Unit 7   Ourselves 骂人骂了自己
Unit 8   Love and Protect Animals 爱护动物
Unit 9   Counting Arahants 数罗汉
Unit 10   Important Basic Dharma 简要的佛法
Unit 11   Threefold Karma (I)  三业(上)
Unit 12   Threefold Karma (II) 三业(下)
Unit 13   Six Worlds (Realms) 六种世界
Unit 14   Where Do We Go After Death 死往何处
Unit 15   Congratulations 恭喜恭喜
Unit 16   Joining the Chanting Session 参加共修会
Unit 17   Ten Wholesome Acts (I)  十善(上)
Unit 18   Ten Wholesome Acts (II) 十善(上)
Unit 19   Cause and Effect 因果
Unit 20   Looking into the Mirror 照镜子
Unit 21   Liberating Sentient Beings 放生
Unit 22   Three Wisdoms (I)  三慧(上)
Unit 23   Three Wisdoms (II) 三慧(下)
Unit 24   Hiking 远足
Unit 25   Paying Respects 敬礼
Unit 26   Must Respect Monks and Nuns 要尊敬出家人
Unit 27   Do Not Be Disappointed 不要失望
Unit 28   What is There to be Afraid of 怕什么
Unit 29   Good Children 好宝宝
Unit 30   Good Monks and Nuns 好的出家人
Sunday Children Dharma Class (Primary 3)
Course Syllabus
Unit 1   Taking Refuge in the Triple Gems 归依三宝
Unit 2   Celebrating Buddha’s Birthday 佛诞庆祝会
Unit 3   Buddha’s Home 佛的家
Unit 4   Story of Buddha’s Renunciation  (I) 释尊出家的故事 (上)
Unit 5   Story of Buddha’s Renunciation (II) 释尊出家的故事 (下)
Unit 6   Buddha Loves his Country 爱祖国的释尊
Unit 7   Everything Changes 一切无常
Unit 8   The Universe Does Not Have a
Unit 8   Creator God 宇宙没有主宰
Unit 9   The Truth About All Things 万物的真相
Unit 10   Cause and Effect (I)  因果关系 (上)
Unit 11   Cause and Effect (II) 因果关系 (下)
Unit 12   Faith 信心
Unit 13   Anathapindika the Elder 给孤独长者
Unit 14   Merits of Giving 布施的功德
Unit 15   A Snake’s Head and Tail 蛇头与蛇尾
Unit 16   Six Realms of Existence and
Unit 16   Rebirth (I)  六道轮回 (上)
Unit 17   Six Realms of Existence and
Unit 17   Rebirth (II) 六道轮回 (下)
Unit 18   Topsy-Turvy 本末倒置
Unit 19   Story of King Peacock 孔雀王的故事
Unit 20   Looking After the Sick 看护病人
Unit 21   Jue Min Falls Ill 觉民病了
Unit 22   Four Noble Truths (I)  四谛(上)
Unit 23   Four Noble Truths (II) 四谛(下)
Unit 24   Two Pails 两个水桶
Unit 25   Wooden Fish 木鱼
Unit 26   Little Child and Tortoise 小孩与乌龟
Unit 27   The Drunk Upali 喝醉了酒的优陀夷
Unit 28   Paying Respects to Buddha 拜师
Unit 29   Small Mistakes 小小的过失
Unit 30   The Happiest Man 最快乐的人
Sunday Children Dharma Class (Primary 4)
Course Syllabus
Unit 1   Stages of Life 人生的过程
Unit 2   Earth Changes 地球的变化
Unit 3   Benefits of Understanding
Unit 3   Impermanence 了解无常的好处
Unit 4   Defilements (I)  烦恼 (上)
Unit 5   Defilements (II) 烦恼 (下)
Unit 6   Touching the Elephant 摸象
Unit 7   Monkeys Catch the Moon 猴子捉月亮
Unit 8   Mee Duo the Gossiper 说人家闲话的弥多
Unit 9   Saving Ants 蚂蚁得救
Unit 10   Noble Eightfold Path (I)  八正道 (上)
Unit 11   Noble Eightfold Path (II) 八正道 (下)
Unit 12   Do Not be Superstitious 不要迷信
Unit 13   Respect the Dharma 敬法
Unit 14   The Frog and the Little Children 青蛙和小孩
Unit 15   Buddhist Swastika, Dharma Wheel,
Unit 15   Lotus 卍, 法轮,莲花
Unit 16   Yu She Jia (I)  郁阇迦(上)
Unit 17   Yu She Jia (II) 郁阇迦(下)
Unit 18   Story of Respecting Elders 尊敬长老的故事
Unit 19   Filial Bodhisattva Takes Care of Parents 孝养父母的菩萨
Unit 20   Planting the Field of Merits 种福田
Unit 21   Buddhism’s Four Types of Disciples 佛教的四众弟子
Unit 22   Twelve-Linked Chain of Dependent Arising (I)  十二缘起 (上)
Unit 23   Twelve-Linked Chain of Dependent Arising (II) 十二缘起 (下)
Unit 24   Little Bird Regains Freedom 小鸟恢复了自由
Unit 25   Garden Pond of Liberation 放生的池园
Unit 26   Buddha is God’s Teacher 佛是神的老师
Unit 27   Model Missionary 模范的传教者
Unit 28   Effort 精进
Unit 29   Good Citizen 好公民
Unit 30   Aim of Learning Buddhism 学佛的目的
Sunday Children Dharma Class (Primary 5)
Course Syllabus
Unit 1   The Founder, Doctrine and Followers 教主,教义与教徒
Unit 2   Shakyamuni Buddha’s Life of Cultivation 释尊的修学生活
Unit 3   Shakyamuni Buddha’s Enlightenment 释尊成佛了
Unit 4   Shakyamuni Buddha’s Propagation of Buddhism 释尊的弘传佛教
Unit 5   Shakyamuni Buddha EntersParinirvana 释尊的入涅槃
Unit 6   The Four Great Vows (I)  四弘誓愿 (上)
Unit 7   The Four Great Vows (II) 四弘誓愿 (下)
Unit 8   Mahakassapa and Ananda 大迦叶与阿难
Unit 9   A Small Bird Fights Fire 小鸟救火
Unit 10   Mr “About the Same” 差不多先生
Unit 11   Wisdom as Abbot   以智慧当住持
Unit 12   Four Immeasurables (I)  四无量心 (上)
Unit 13   Four Immeasurables (II) 四无量心 (下)
Unit 14   Rahula Likes to Tell Lies 爱说谎的罗睺罗
Unit 15   Tortoise Which Spoke Vulgar Words 说脏话的乌龟
Unit 16   Repentance 忏悔
Unit 17   Sell Only Seeds, Not Fruits 只卖种子不卖果实
Unit 18   Story of Extracting a Tooth 拔牙的故事
Unit 19   Four Kindness (I)  四恩 (上)
Unit 20   Four Kindness (II) 四恩 (下)
Unit 21   Mad Person Obtains Salvation 狂人得救
Unit 22   Doctrine of Equality 平等主义
Unit 23   Superstitious Specialist 迷信专家
Unit 24   Becoming a Buddha Through Meditation 打坐成佛
Unit 25   It’s Brighter Here 这里比较亮
Unit 26   Six Paramittas (I)   六度(上)
Unit 27   Six Paramittas (II)  六度(下)
Unit 28   King Asoka 阿育王
Unit 29   Grand Master Hsuan Tsang 玄奘大师
Unit 30   Buddhas in the Ten Directions and of the Three Periods 十方三世佛
Sunday Children Dharma Class (Primary 6)
Course Syllabus
Unit 1   Method of Cultivation (I)  修行的方法(上)
Unit 2   Method of Cultivation (II) 修行的方法(下)
Unit 3   Compilation of Buddhist Sutras 佛经的编集
Unit 4   Buddhism’s Musical Compositions 佛教的乐曲
Unit 5   Nalanda Temple 那烂陀寺
Unit 6   Four Skiful Means (I)  四摄法 (上)
Unit 7   Four Skiful Means (II) 四摄法 (下)
Unit 8   Dream of Emperor Ming (Han Dynasty) 汉明帝的梦
Unit 9   Buddha Teaches the Dharma to Bhikkuni Jia Mi Ni 佛为伽弥尼说法
Unit 10   Causes and Conditions 因缘
Unit 11   Cultivating Merits and Wisdom 修福与修慧
Unit 12   Amitabha in Every Family, Avalokita in Every Household (I)  家家弥陀,户户观音(上)
Unit 13   Amitabha in Every Family, Avalokita in Every Household (II) 家家弥陀,户户观音(下)
Unit 14   Da Ming the Elder 大名长者
Unit 15   Buddhism’s Southern and Northern  南传与北传Transmissions
Unit 16   Changing a wife’s Nose 为妇换鼻
Unit 17   A Fool Eats Salt 傻瓜吃盐
Unit 18   A Merchant Who Sold Charcoal 卖煤炭的商人
Unit 19   Eight Schools of Mahayana Buddhism  (I) 大乘八宗(上)
Unit 20   Eight Schools of Mahayana Buddhism (II) 大乘八宗(下)
Unit 21   Making Marks by Drawing Water 划水作记
Unit 22   A Poor Person Burns Cloths 贫人烧衣
Unit 23   Harmful Effects of Hatred 嗔恨的害处
Unit 24   Using Sugercane Juice to Irrigate Sugarcane Plants 蔗汁灌蔗
Unit 25   Teaching on Previous Lives and After Lives  前生与后生的开示
Unit 26   Ghosts, Gods and Heavens (I)  鬼、神、天(上)
Unit 27   Ghosts, Gods and Heavens (II) 鬼、神、天(下)
Unit 28   Nagarjuna and Asanga 龙树与无著
Unit 29   Vimalakirta the Elder 维摩诘长者
Unit 30   Hope Arises from Learning Buddhism 学佛有希望