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Secondary One Syllabus (中一佛学课程上、下)

Unit 1  单元 第一册 (上)
Chapter 1 Triple Gem  三宝
Chapter 2 Kingdom of Kapilavastu  迦毗罗卫国
Chapter 3 The Birth of Prince Siddhartha  悉达多降生
Chapter 4 Asita’s Prediction  预言
Chapter 5 Prince Siddhartha’s Childhood  童年
Chapter 6 The Wounded Swan  救鸟
Chapter 7 Prince Siddhartha’s Education  入学
Chapter 8 Learning Martial Art  武术
Chapter 9 The Great Sports Contest  运动会
Chapter 10 The Farmlands  农村
Chapter 11 A Trip Outside the Palace  出游
Chapter 12 The Four Sights (I)  游四门(一)
Chapter 13 The Four Sights (II)  游四门(二)
Chapter 14 Prince Siddhartha’s Aspiration  志愿
Chapter 15 The Great Renunciation  离家求道
Chapter 16 Strange Yogi  奇怪的修道者

Unit 2  单元 第二册 (下) 
Chapter 1 Siddhartha’s Perserverance  圣毅的悉达多
Chapter 2 At the Foot of Mount Gaya  迦耶山下
Chapter 3 Subduing Mara (I)  降魔(一)
Chapter 4 Subduing Mara (II)  降魔(二)
Chapter 5 Attaining Enlightenment  成道
Chapter 6 Yasa  耶舍
Chapter 7 The Triple Gem is Established  三宝成立
Chapter 8 The Deer Park  鹿野苑
Chapter 9 The Sangha  僧伽
Chapter 10 The Garden of Jetavana  祇树给孤独园
Chapter 11 Lighting the Lamp  燃灯
Chapter 12 The Parable of the Leaves  树叶的譬喻
Chapter 13 Snake’s Head and Snake’s Tail  蛇头和蛇尾
Chapter 14 Looking after the Sick  看护病人
Chapter 15 A Bright Future  好前途
Chapter 16 Venerable Maudgalyayana  目连

Secondary Two Syllabus (中二佛学课程上、下)

Unit 3  单元 第三册 (上) 
Chapter 1 Caste System  四姓
Chapter 2 Living in Equality  平等的生活
Chapter 3 Significance of Giving  布施的意义
Chapter 4 Monastic Life  僧团的生活
Chapter 5 Buddha’s Homecoming  佛陀回国
Chapter 6 The Passing of King Suddhodana  大王去世
Chapter 7 Ten Meritorious Act  十善
Chapter 8 The Origin of Buddhist Sculpture  佛像起源
Chapter 9 Overcoming Superstition  破除迷信
Chapter 10 Selling Poverty  卖贫
Chapter 11 The Fall of Kapilavastu  迦毗罗卫国的灭亡
Chapter 12 Mahanama  摩诃男
Chapter 13 Tolerance & Forgiveness  容忍和宽恕
Chapter 14 Making Friends  结交朋友
Chapter 15 Perseverance  坚毅
Chapter 16 The Four Great Vows of Bodhisattva  四宏誓愿

Unit 4  单元 第四册 (下)
Chapter 1 Learning from The Buddha  学佛
Chapter 2 Buddha’s Ploughing  佛陀耕耘
Chapter 3 Ritual in Brahmanism  婆罗门的祭祀
Chapter 4 Buddha Threads the Needle  佛陀穿针
Chapter 5 Noble Eightfold Path  八正道
Chapter 6 Buddha’s Doctrine of Dependent Origination  佛陀常说的偈语
Chapter 7 Refuge of Zoroastrian  拜火教徒的皈依
Chapter 8 Cleaning Lady  清洁妇人
Chapter 9 Moniastics in Harmony  无争的修道者
Chapter 10 Good Behaviour  好行为
Chapter 11 Son of a Millionaire  富翁的儿子
Chapter 12 Worship of The Six Directions  礼拜六方
Chapter 13 Confidence  信心
Chapter 14 Model Missionary  模范的弘法者
Chapter 15 Prohibition of Supernatural Powers  严禁神通
Chapter 16 Buddhist Disciples  佛弟子

Secondary Three Syllabuse (中三佛学课程上、下)

Unit  5  单元 第五册 (上) 
Chapter 1 The Bodhisattva  菩萨
Chapter 2 The Meaning of Buddha  佛的意义
Chapter 3 Amitabha Buddha  阿弥陀佛
Chapter 4 Chanting the Buddha’s Name  论念佛
Chapter 5 Repentance  忏悔
Chapter 6 Rahula  罗睺罗
Chapter 7 Seven Teachings  七种法
Chapter 8 Into Rajgir  入越祇国
Chapter 9 Cause and Effect  因果
Chapter 10 Causes and Conditions  因缘观
Chapter 11 The Problem after Buddha’s Parinirvana  佛涅槃后的问题
Chapter 12 Buddha’s Last Teaching  最后的训言
Chapter 13 Sudhana  善财童子
Chapter 14 The Four Sangraha Vastus  四摄
Chapter 15 Walking the Dharma  实践佛法
Chapter 16 Abiding Good  守善

Unit 6  单元 第六册 (下)
Chapter 1 Taking Refuge in the Triple Gems  皈依三宝
Chapter 2 Bhaisajyaguru and Maitreya Bodhisattva  药师佛与弥勒菩萨
Chapter 3 The Birth of Sutras  佛经结集
Chapter 4 A Practitioner of Patience  忍辱的修道者
Chapter 5 Karma  业
Chapter 6 Gratitude  报恩
Chapter 7 Compassion  慈悲
Chapter 8 Self-renewal for Improvement  自力更新
Chapter 9 Precepts  戒律
Chapter 10 Filial Piety  孝顺
Chapter 11 The Path to Learning Buddhism  学佛的程序
Chapter 12 The Danger of Anger  嗔恚之害
Chapter 13 Nalanda Temple  那烂陀寺
Chapter 14 Transmission of Buddhism into China  佛法传入中国
Chapter 15 Changing for the Better  改过
Chapter 16 Unconditional Giving  真诚的布施

Secondary Four Syllabuse (中四佛学课程上、下)

 Unit 7  单元 第七册 (上)
Chapter 1 Sentient Beings and the World  众生和世界
Chapter 2 Rebirth  轮回
Chapter 3 Three Kinds of Buddhist Disciples  三种佛教徒
Chapter 4 Human and Divine Vehicles  人天乘
Chapter 5 Master Xuan Zang (Part 1)  玄奘法师(一)
Chapter 6 Master Xuan Zang (Part 2)  玄奘法师(二)
Chapter 7 Manjusri and Samantabhadra Bodhisattvas (in Sunskrit)  文殊和普贤
Chapter 8 Excerpt from “The Sutra in Forty-Two Sections” – 2 Sections  节录“四十二章经”二则
Chapter 9 Six Paramitas (Part 1)  六度(一)
Chapter 10 Six Paramitas (Part 2)  六度(二)
Chapter 11 Travel Notes of Dunhuang   敦煌游记
Chapter 12 The Great Artist  伟大的画师
Chapter 13 The Four Noble Truths  四谛
Chapter 14 The Four Immeasurables  四无量心
Chapter 15 Nirvana  涅槃
Chapter 16 Excerpt from “The Discourse of the Teaching Bequeathed by the Buddha  节录“佛遗教经”

Unit 8  单元 第八册 (下) 
Chapter 1 Life of the Buddha (Part 1)  佛传(一)
Chapter 2 Life of the Buddha (Part 2)  佛传(二)
Chapter 3 Life of the Buddha (Part 3)  佛传(三)
Chapter 4 Life of the Buddha (Part 4)  佛传(四)
Chapter 5 Teachings of the Buddha  佛法
Chapter 6 Mahayana and Hinayana  大乘和小乘
Chapter 7 Excerpt from “The Amitabha Sutra”  节录“阿弥陀经”
Chapter 8 Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva (in Sunskrit)  地藏菩萨
Chapter 9 Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva (in Sunskrit) (Part 1)  观世音菩萨(一)
Chapter 10 Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva (Part 2)  观世音菩萨(二)
Chapter 11 Vow of a Bodhisattva  菩萨的志愿
Chapter 12 The Buddha Replies to the Deva  梵天的问题
Chapter 13 A Letter to the Students  给同学的一封信
Chapter 14 Afflictions  烦恼
Chapter 15 The Sixth Patriarch Master  六祖大师
Chapter 16 Excerpts from “The Discourse on the Ten Wholesome Ways of Action” and “The Past and the Present Cause and Effect Sutra”  节录“十善业道经”及“因果经”