Youth Sunday Dharma Class

Chapter 1 Triple Gem
Chapter 2 Kingdom of Kapilavastu
Chapter 3 The Birth of Prince Siddhartha
Chapter 4 Asita’s Prediction
Chapter 5 Prince Siddhartha’s Childhood
Chapter 6 The Wounded Swan
Chapter 7 Prince Siddhartha’s Education
Chapter 8 Learning Martial Art
Chapter 9 The Great Sports Contest
Chapter 10 The Farmlands
Chapter 11 A Trip Outside the Palace
Chapter 12 The Four Sights (I)
Chapter 13 The Four Sights (II)
Chapter 14 Prince Siddhartha’s Aspiration
Chapter 15 The Great Renunciation
Chapter 16 Strange Yogi

Chapter 1 Siddhartha’s Perserverance
Chapter 2 At the Foot of Mount Gaya
Chapter 3 Subduing Mara (I)
Chapter 4 Subduing Mara (II)
Chapter 5 Attaining Enlightenment
Chapter 6 Yasa
Chapter 7 The Triple Gem is Established
Chapter 8 The Deer Park
Chapter 9 The Sangha
Chapter 10 The Garden of Jetavana
Chapter 11 Lighting the Lamp
Chapter 12 The Parable of the Leaves
Chapter 13 Snake’s Head and Snake’s Tail
Chapter 14 Looking after the Sick
Chapter 15 A Bright Future
Chapter 16 Venerable Maudgalyayana

Chapter 1 Caste System
Chapter 2 Living in Equality
Chapter 3 Significance of Giving
Chapter 4 Monastic Life
Chapter 5 Buddha’s Homecoming
Chapter 6 The Passing of King Suddhodana
Chapter 7 Ten Meritorious Act
Chapter 8 The Origin of Buddhist Sculpture
Chapter 9 Overcoming Superstition
Chapter 10 Selling Poverty
Chapter 11 The Fall of Kapilavastu
Chapter 12 Mahanama
Chapter 13 Tolerance & Forgiveness
Chapter 14 Making Friends
Chapter 15 Perseverance
Chapter 16 The Four Great Vows of Bodhisattva

Unit 1   Buddha
Unit 2   Dharma
Unit 3   Sangha
Unit 4   Triple Gems
Unit 5   Buddhist Temple
Unit 6   Paying Respects to the Buddha
Unit 7   Attending Dharma Class
Unit 8   Buddha’s Parents
Unit 9   The Kind Prince
Unit 10   The Prince Who Loves to Learn
Unit 11   The Filial Prince
Unit 12   Buddha Loves His Country
Unit 13   Buddhist Flag
Unit 14   Dharma Wheel
Unit 15   Lotus
Unit 16   Bodhi Tree
Unit 17   Wooden Fish
Unit 18   Incense Burner
Unit 19   Learning From the Buddha
Unit 20   Dharma is Like a Mirror
Unit 21   Sangha are Good Teachers
Unit 22   Be Filial to Parents
Unit 23   Respect Teachers
Unit 24   Love Between Friends
Unit 25   Helping People Brings Happiness
Unit 26   Love and Protect Animals
Unit 27   Honesty
Unit 28   Treasure Every Day
Unit 29   Change for the Better on Knowing One’s Faults
Unit 30   Having Faith in Buddhism

Chapter 1 The Bodhisattva
Chapter 2 The Meaning of Buddha
Chapter 3 Amitabha Buddha
Chapter 4 Chanting the Buddha’s Name
Chapter 5 Repentance
Chapter 6 Rahula
Chapter 7 Seven Teachings
Chapter 8 Into Rajgir
Chapter 9 Cause and Effect
Chapter 10 Causes and Conditions
Chapter 11 The Problem after Buddha’s Parinirvana
Chapter 12 Buddha’s Last Teaching
Chapter 13 Sudhana
Chapter 14 The Four Sangraha Vastus
Chapter 15 Walking the Dharma
Chapter 16 Abiding Good

Chapter 1 Taking Refuge in the Triple Gems
Chapter 2 Bhaisajyaguru and Maitreya Bodhisattva
Chapter 3 The Birth of Sutras
Chapter 4 A Practitioner of Patience
Chapter 5 Karma
Chapter 6 Gratitude
Chapter 7 Compassion
Chapter 8 Self-renewal for Improvement
Chapter 9 Precepts
Chapter 10 Filial Piety
Chapter 11 The Path to Learning Buddhism
Chapter 12 The Danger of Anger
Chapter 13 Nalanda Temple
Chapter 14 Transmission of Buddhism into China
Chapter 15 Changing for the Better
Chapter 16 Unconditional Giving

Chapter 1 Sentient Beings and the World
Chapter 2 Rebirth
Chapter 3 Three Kinds of Buddhist Disciples
Chapter 4 Human and Divine Vehicles
Chapter 5 Master Xuan Zang (Part 1)
Chapter 6 Master Xuan Zang (Part 2)
Chapter 7 Manjusri and Samantabhadra Bodhisattvas (in Sunskrit)
Chapter 8 Excerpt from “The Sutra in Forty-Two Sections” – 2 Sections
Chapter 9 Six Paramitas (Part 1)
Chapter 10 Six Paramitas (Part 2)
Chapter 11 Travel Notes of Dunhuang
Chapter 12 The Great Artist
Chapter 13 The Four Noble Truths
Chapter 14 The Four Immeasurables
Chapter 15 Nirvana
Chapter 16 Excerpt from “The Discourse of the Teaching Bequeathed by the Buddha

Chapter 1 Life of the Buddha (Part 1)
Chapter 2 Life of the Buddha (Part 2)
Chapter 3 Life of the Buddha (Part 3)
Chapter 4 Life of the Buddha (Part 4)
Chapter 5 Teachings of the Buddha
Chapter 6 Mahayana and Hinayana
Chapter 7 Excerpt from “The Amitabha Sutra”
Chapter 8 Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva (in Sunskrit)
Chapter 9 Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva (in Sunskrit) (Part 1)
Chapter 10 Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva (Part 2)
Chapter 11 Vow of a Bodhisattva
Chapter 12 The Buddha Replies to the Deva
Chapter 13 A Letter to the Students
Chapter 14 Afflictions
Chapter 15 The Sixth Patriarch Master
Chapter 16 Excerpts from “The Discourse on the Ten Wholesome Ways of Action” and “The Past and the Present Cause and Effect Sutra”

  • Sunday Youth Dharma Class (Sec 1 to 4)
    10:00am to 12:00pm