The 3 Funds

GuanyinGiving or generosity is a fundamental Buddhist practice. Through giving, we cultivate a mind of selfless love, care and concern for others. The practice of giving enable us to experience joy and peace in helping others, and also serves as a way to support the growth and development of Buddhism.

The Society has established three types of funds, towards which your generosity will be kindly appreciated.

The three funds are:

1. Supporting the Sangha Fund
To foster talents and provide for the education and welfare of the Sangha members.

2. Building fund
To maintain and improve the present premises, as well as to establish sub-branches.

3. Donation fund
To finance the organization of educational, cultural, charitable and recreational activities as part of the propagation and practice of Buddhism.


 慷慨布施是基本的佛教修行。通过布施, 我们长养无私的慈爱及关怀他人的精神。布施的修习让我们感受到帮助别人后的喜悦和宁静,同时也是护持佛教的成长及发展的一种方法。