Welcome to The Mahaprajna Buddhist Society


Welcome to The Mahaprajna Buddhist SocietyThe word ‘Mahaprajna’ is a Sanskrit term that means ‘Great Wisdom’. In Buddhism, the accumulation of merits go hand in hand as understanding and practice are of equal importance. However, as wisdom has the ability to guide practices, there is an emphasis on the gaining of wisdom when cultivation is concerned. As such, ‘Mahaprajna’ was adopted as the name for the society.

The Mahaprajna Buddhist Society was established in December 1985 under a set of unique historical and religious conditions. A group of Buddhists, under the guidance of Master Hou Zhong, established TMBS. The aspiration was to initiate Buddhist missionary work in order to overcome the prevailing conditions that were unconducive to the growth of Buddhism. By setting up the society, we aim to nurture true Buddhists through Buddhist education. This will help to strengthen Dharma propagation for the benefit of sentient beings. In time to come, more people will learn and benefit from the essence of Buddhism.

TMBS aspires to be the Buddhist community who walk the bodhisattva path to benefit all sentient beings through Buddhist education, support of Sangha, as well as inculcating Right Understanding of the Dharma to lay Buddhists.


慧严佛学会是在特殊的历史和宗教环境中成立的。 当时,有许多所谓的庙宇及其众多的信徒,然而佛教与道教之间的区别却鲜为人知。大部分的佛教寺院也很少自动自发地组织活动来吸收新信徒。此外,造成佛教停滞不前的部分原因也包括缺乏有才能及有领导素质的人才。所以一群佛教徒在上厚下宗法师的领导下,毅然成立了慧严佛学会,希望透过佛教的布教工作来排除普遍不利佛教成长的种种因素。