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The Way To Buddhahood Video

The main course contents were based on Grand Master Yinshun’s book “The Way to Buddhahood”. The book maps out a learning journey based on Buddhism in the human world as its core tenet and practice. Generally, the subjects comprise the following:
1) Beginners Class: The study and practices of the 5-Vehicle Dharma centred on accumulation of merits and virtues to lead a better lift in the present, as well as future lives.
2) Intermediate Class: The study and practices of the 3-Vehicle Dharma of the Sravakas centred on the path of renunciation and liberation.
3) Advanced Class: The study and practices centred on the Distinctive Dharma of the Great-Vehicle pertaining to Bodhisattva practices and the development of bodhicitta (the awakening mind) that lead ultimately to Buddhahood.

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