Welfare Sub-Committee

One’s greatest joy is derived not only from one’s achievement, but also from the ability to bring happiness to others and to alleviate others’ sufferings. When one is experiencing a hard time, a helping hand is like a lamp which lights up one’s life and guides one away from darkness. Welfare Sub-Committee serves to fulfil this role.

A Buddhist practitioner should possess the aspiration to do good and progress towards a promising future. We should gradually cultivate the non-discriminating and compassionate spirit of Bodhisattvas, thus exemplifying the concept that charity and cultivation are actually two sides of the same coin! Hence, one should participate actively in activities that will benefit others, and thereby demonstrate the value of Buddhist practice.

Buddhist welfare should rise above social welfare in spirit; it should be voluntary and seen as part of Buddhist practice, instead of a way to achieve fame or selfish gains. One who participates in Buddhist welfare activities should know how to manage his time well and offer his services according to his financial and time constraints without any complaints or regrets.

Headed by a committee member and assisted by five sub-committee members, the Welfare Sub-Committee is in charge of the following four divisions :

  1. Social Welfare Group
  2. Counselling Group
  3. Religious Service Group
  4. Administration and Information Group

Charity is the outward expression of one’s cultivation. This is an extremely meaningful job! In this interdependent society where many unfortunate people need our help, the Welfare Sub-Committee hopes that you can be a volunteer who brings warmth and love to the society!

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