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慧严佛学会 – 会歌


作词:厚宗法师   |   作曲:吴居彻   |   编曲:林昇润

福慧并重 庄严法身    修学佛法种善根

利他自利 悲切愿深    成熟有情度迷津

六度是自修的核心    四摄乃利生的南针

光阴流水当宝珍    精进道业用意殷

不求成佛学菩萨    普度众生为报恩

护持僧宝四事供养    保全大德成法匠

培养人才教育是尚    祈望吾师为龙象

自律是僧格的保障     慈悲乃摄众的秘藏

松风水月终不让    遗留后学做榜样

弘法利生意难忘    愿置凡夫在岸上

Stress both merit and wisdom, they adorn the dharma-body;

Practise the dharma, plant wholesome roots.

Deep is the compassion, strong is the vow to benefit self and others,

Mature beings, bring them across the ocean of illusion.

The six paramitas are the core of self-cultivation

The four samgraha-vastus are the guide for benefiting beings.

Time flows like a stream, let us treasure it.

Cultivate the path with vigor and mindfulness.

Do not aspire for buddhahood, walk the path of the bodhisattva,

Liberate all beings to repay gratitude.

Support the sangha gem, offer them the four requisites;

Enable them to be captains of the dharma sea.

Foster talents — education is the key,

May our masters be supreme like the majestic dragon.

Self-restraint is a mark of their virtue,

Compassion, the secret of their success in drawing all beings.

Fragrant as the wind-blown pines, still as the moon in the waters,

Unimpeached and unyielding, our lofty character stands,

Persisting through the ages, a model for future generations.

We always remember to propagate the dharma and benefit beings,

We vow to place beings on the shore of nirvana.